About Us

OUR STORYBarCountry is a company that started in Calgary and although it was born in the heart of Alberta, close to the Rocky Mountains, both cofounders Mat and Kole came from opposite sides of Canada. When Mat, born in Montreal and Kole, originally from Yellowknife met while working as bartenders at one of the hottest spots in Calgary a love for mixology and the outdoors formed a great friendship eventually leading to the inception of BarCountry.

Two young men, from totally different backgrounds formed a ground breaking company that will change everything you think you know about having a cocktail on the go. BarCountry, it’s more than a product, it’s a lifestyle. Get on board and join the movement aimed at getting people into the wilderness, but most importantly reminding folks to slow down and enjoy the moment, the simple things. When everything around you is moving fast, we are here to remind you to slow it down every now and then. Keep chasing the adventure and make time to reward yourself. #BarCntryLiving

” I got tired of breaking my back carrying heavy beer or wine while adventuring outdoors. “

” Why can’t we create something to elevate the liquor we are already bringing? They dehydrated food, why couldn’t we do the same with cocktails !? “

Our Mission

Get outside. Sweat. Get dirty. Challenge yourself. Reward yourself.

The purpose of BarCountry is to get you outside. Canada’s wilderness has so much to offer and there’s always an adventure waiting for you. After a day of challenges and wild adventures, when everything around you is moving fast, we are here to remind you to sit back, relax and reward yourself.

Meet the team

Role: Co-Founder
Hometown: Montreal, Qc
Passions: Hiking, Camping, Snowboarding
Drink of choice: Caesar
Goal: Live life on my own terms.


Mathieu Plamondon

“On ne peut vaincre la nature qu’en lui obéissant.”

Role: Co-Founder
Hometown: Yellowknife, NWT
Passions: Skiing, Traveling, Mixology
Drink of choice: Aviation
Goal: Wake up happy. Everyday.

Kole Kuntz

“You are never too small to ever be mighty.”