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Summit Seeker Package | FREE SHIPPING

$85.00 $71.95 + GST CAD

Summit Seeker Package – FREE SHIPPING

SUMMER IS HERE ! This is the ultimate package to awaken the bear inside of you ! It’s time to reach these summits with 12 dehydrated cocktail mixers, a mountain cocktail shaker and a BarCntry hip flask– Get it. Do it. Live it. #chasetheadventure

  • 2 BarCntry Dehydrated Cocktails 6-packs
  • 1 BarCntry Cocktail Shaker
  • 1 BarCntry Hip Flask

This package will get delivered to your door for FREE.


Choose your flavours and get your favourite cocktails!



Each box contains 6 individually packed dehydrated cocktail mixers.

La Bonita Margarita – Add 200 ml of water + 1 oz spirits | Shake & Enjoy

This is BarCountry’s take on a classic sweet, sour, fruity and salty Coconut-Lime Margarita; and folks she’s a real beauty. It’s perfect combination of all natural flavours will bring you back to your last trip to paradise. It’s just like having Mexico in your shirt pocket, minus the sand… and the ocean – it really is just the Margarita ! But hey, it’s 5 O’clock somewhere !

The Bearded Caesar – Add 200 ml of water + 1 oz spirits | Shake & Enjoy

The Bearded Caesar is BarCountry’s take on the classic Canadian Caesar. We understand that not every Caesar is made equal so we’ve included everything you love: its a little spicy, muddy and balanced perfectly. Bring brunch with you, anywhere ! Perfect dehydrated Caesar mixers to get you hangover fix anywhere, in seconds.

Grandpa’s Medicine | Old Fashioned – Add 100 ml of water + 1 oz spirits | Shake & Enjoy

Ever wondered what grandpa was drinking in his glass? He probably told you it was his medicine and he wasn’t really lying. Grandpa’s Medicine is BarCountry’s take on the classic Old Fashioned, it’s the perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness and it fits just right with your favourite Bourbon or Whiskey. For those days when its cold and you need a little extra fire in your belly or a wider smile on your face, this creation appeals to anyone, on any adventure, big or small. Enjoy.


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